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The YECREA network (Young Scholars Network of the European Communication Research and Education Association) is calling for early-career communication researchers across Europe to apply for six vacant positions as YECREA representatives.

The vacant positions are in the following sections/TWGs:

1. Communication Law and Policy
2. Digital Games Research

3. Health Communication (TWG)
4. Media & The City (TWG)
5. Philosophy of Communication
6. Science and Environment Communication

Deadline for application: 15 February 2019

The young scholar (YECREA) representative in each section/TWG assists the managing
team (consisting of a chair and two vice-chairs) in organising panels, symposiums
and/or conferences, promoting the specific research area. Furthermore, the YECREA
representative works to inform early-career scholars about events in the field and
take part in organising events, such as pre-conference workshops or meetings.

The 'young' in young scholar is not a measure of age, but of career progression.

Thus, all scholars in non-tenure positions (e.g. PhD's and postdocs) are welcome
to apply,

Applications should be no more than 500 words and contain the following information:

- A heading with your name and the specific position you are applying for
- Details on your current university, position and progression
- A brief description of your research
- A brief statement on your work's connection to the specific section or TWG
- A brief statement on your aspirations for improving early-career research

The managing team of YECREA (Corinna Lauerer, Norbert Šinković and Johan Farkas)
will evaluate applications.

The final decision on candidates will be taken in collaboration with the managing
teams of each section/TWG.

As part of the evaluation, motivation will be emphasised as well as ensuring
geographical diversity and supporting new scholars in the field.

More information about each section/TWGs can be found at:

More information about YECREA can be found at:

Questions can be addressed to Johan Farkas (Chair):<>

Applications should be sent to:<>